Motorbike Transport

21 Aug by Fred Morris

Motorbike Transport

Are you in need of motor cycle transport?

Maybe you’re thinking of touring abroad this year and the thought of hundreds or even a thousand or so miles to be driven before you get to your start point is putting you off. Or perhaps your pride and joy has broken down or is perhaps damaged and you need the right vehicle transport to get it home? You may even have bought a basket case and need to transport it from the seller to your home, wherever that may be.

Obviously bike transportation is a specialist field and not only do you need the right kind of Transport Company to do the job you certainly need to know that the vehicle which is going to be used for your bike transport is properly equipped to do the job. Evidently it is no good just going online or using yellow pages and finding a man with a van, of which there are thousands out there, all vying with each other to do the job cheaper than the last person and probably not properly equipped to do the job professionally.

Clearly you need to know that your chosen motor bike transport company is professional, has the right experience and correct knowledge and even more importantly has the right equipment and cares about your pride and joy and will look after it as if it was their own.

FM Transport runs a scheduled service to and from France, Spain and Portugal and if required will also put in a special run just for you to transport bike and equipment to your chosen destination. We are also instantly available for bike transport within the UK when we are not running around the Continent. Our professional staff, are also experienced motorcyclists themselves, know how to load your machine and how to tie it down properly so that is 100% secure and won’t suffer any damage on its journey.

We have in the past transported dozens of bikes from small monkey bikes to Harleys and suffice it to say all have arrived at their destination safely.

If you need motor bike transport at any time why not get in touch with us, we care about you and your machine and will certainly do our level best to help you each and every time.

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ByFred Morris

I'm Fred and I run FM Transport. I love helping people and that is why I started FM Transport. They say that moving homes is the most stressful event in ones life. I take pride in alleviating that stress from peoples live.