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UK based, offering European Transport Services

The Boss

Fred Morris

to Ex-pat communities and individuals living in France, Spain and Portugal. We also have storage facilities in the UK. Our European Transport Services include the carriage of all types of Parcels, Light Freight, Motorcycles, Scooters, Quads, Household goods, Furniture, Fine Art, Sculptures and Exhibition & Conference materials.

From a small package to a small house move and anything in between we offer a fully insured, professional, friendly and caring scheduled monthly Door to Door service to and from the UK to France, Spain & Portugal and return. Our schedule is listed here or click on the “Travel Dates” tab above.

For those larger loads we also offer a dedicated van service which can be tailored to meet your moving deadlines.

We also carry high value items, fine art, paintings and sculptures and increase our normal £35,000 Goods in Transit insurance accordingly for these items.

Once your consignment is loaded, we are able to track its progress throughout its journey. Upon delivery we will text or phone you to inform you of the date and time of delivery and of the person’s name who signed for the consignment. A signed, dated and timed proof of delivery (CMR/POD) is always obtained and a copy will be emailed to you as soon as possible after completion. This will be followed up with a hard copy should you desire it.

We do not carry animals or hazardous freight of any kind.

Some of our recent destinations include:
Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Monte Carlo, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona & Lisbon to name but a few.

FM Transports experience in European Transport is probably unrivalled with hundreds of thousands of miles safely covered over the years.



© FM Transport 2010

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Motor Cycle Transport

For Bikers – By Bikers

Are you in need of motor cycle transport? Maybe you’re thinking of touring abroad this year and the thought of hundreds or even a thousand or so miles to be driven before you get to your start point is putting you off. Or perhaps your pride and joy has broken down or is perhaps damaged and you need the right vehicle transport to get it home? You may even have bought a basket case and need to transport it from the seller to your home, wherever that may be.

Obviously bike transportation is a specialist field and not only do you need the right kind of Transport Company to do the job you certainly need to know that the vehicle which is going to be used for your bike transport is properly equipped to do the job. Evidently it is no good just going online or using yellow pages and finding a man with a van, of which there are thousands out there, all vying with each other to do the job cheaper than the last person and probably not properly equipped to do the job professionally.

Clearly you need to know that your chosen motor bike transport company is professional, has the right experience and correct knowledge and even more importantly has the right equipment and cares about your pride and joy and will look after it as if it was their own.

FM Transport runs a scheduled service to and from France, Spain and Portugal and if required will also put in a special run just for you to transport bike and equipment to your chosen destination. We are also instantly available for bike transport within the UK when we are not running around the Continent. Our professional staff, are also experienced motorcyclists themselves, know how to load your machine and how to tie it down properly so that is 100% secure and won’t suffer any damage on its journey.

We have in the past transported dozens of bikes from small monkey bikes to Harleys and suffice it to say all have arrived at their destination safely.

If you need motor bike transport at any time why not get in touch with us, we care about you and your machine and will certainly do our level best to help you each and every time.


© FM Transport 2010

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Small House Moves

One bedroom Apartments and Studios

Do you live in a small one or two bedroom property and are thinking of moving home to somewhere within the UK, perhaps you are thinking of emigrating and moving home to France, Spain or Portugal. Or maybe you live in a larger home and want to do a part move. Wherever you live you probably realised quite early on that moving house, especially to another country, can clearly be a traumatic, stressful and obviously costly experience.

In addition to the stress and trauma associated with domestic removals, house moving costs have risen alarmingly over the past few years and you will certainly need to know the full costs of the move before you make your final decision.

There are literally hundreds of home removal companies out there who will, on the face of it, be more than capable of undertaking a small house move and meeting your needs but there are certainly some questions you need to ask, not only of yourselves but more importantly, of the company you are thinking of choosing.

  • Are they really as professional as they appear?
  •  Do they have a provable track record?
  • Do they have the proper insurances in place?
  • When they quote you for your house move will it be an inclusive figure or are there hidden extras?
  • Can they meet your house moving deadline or will there be delays?

We consider ourselves to be professional and caring. Our track record can be clearly and easily proven by the amount of positive feedback, viewable on this and other websites that we have received for our house moving services. We have the proper insurances in place and in fact the Goods in Transit Insurance that we carry will insure your goods to the value of £35,000.00 and we will increase our cover instantly should the value of your possessions require it. Every quote we give is fully inclusive, no extras, EVER. House move costs are clearly high enough without the possibility of having hidden extras to cope with.  We will also thoroughly discuss your moving dates and deadlines with you to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

But there are more questions that you need to ask your prospective mover and some of them might be…

  • Is the vehicle suitable?
  • Can we track the vehicle?
  • Are blankets carried and more importantly used?
  • Are tie down straps carried and used?


We will discuss the suitability of our vehicles with you especially for the delivery location which, if you are moving to France, Spain or Portugal is not only important but vital. We can ensure you that blankets and tie down straps are not only carried but are always used.

There are however some questions that we will ask you and we will need to know…

  • What kind of access is there?
  • Is parking going to be a problem?
  • Are both properties on the ground floor?
  • If not, are lifts (elevators) available?
  • Will there be any fragile or high value goods to be carried?
  • Will you require us to supply packing boxes and other packing materials?
  • If moving home to another country are two or more men needed to unload?
  • If more than one man is needed will there be someone else there to help with unloading or do we need to travel with two men?

These are just a few of the questions to be asked by both sides in order to make your move go easily and smoothly and to keep the stress and trauma to a minimum.

Over the last few years we have certainly moved dozens, if not hundreds of families homes and relocated them not only to a different town within the UK but in the majority of cases we have moved them to different countries within the EU.

We consider ourselves to be consummate professionals when it comes to small house moves and moving your treasured possessions and treat everything as if it were our own property. By doing this we ensure that your goods get to their destination in the same condition as when they were packed and loaded.

Evidently you could call us the small move company but in actual fact we are FM Transport the caring and professional Small House Moving Company.

If you are thinking of relocating your home to another location within the UK or to somewhere in Europe why not contact us either by email or phone for full details of our house moving services. We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.


© FM Transport 2010

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European Parcel Delivery

From a Jiffy to a Large Box

FM Transports European Parcel Delivery Service to Spain, Portugal and Western and South Western  France, is a monthly scheduled service that will deliver your parcels door to door in any of the above mentioned countries within the areas noted in our “delivery areas”. (see below)

If you have a “parcel to go” or for that matter several “parcels to go” to any of the above mentioned countries that isn’t urgent why not take advantage of our scheduled monthly European Parcel Service.

We also do a return service for anything that you may want to return to the UK.

Unlike many of the large companies who will collect your parcel, “group” it in a warehouse with thousands of others, stack it in a metal cage where it might get crushed or even lost we offer a personal, professional and caring service for the transport of your goods and in fact treat them as if they were our very own personal property.

When it comes to the actual delivery the couriers will often phone to say they cannot find you or you were out when they called and you have to collect your parcel from their depot or warehouse. We will deliver to your door. Yes, in some of the more rural areas of Spain and Portugal we may call you to meet if your property is very hard to find but we will never ask you to collect from our depot or warehouse because we can’t find you. We always deliver directly to you.

We consider that compared to the large companies our prices are competitive and we will also accept parcels and packages that are considered to be overweight or over size by the larger companies. Our prices are also inclusive of insurance with no extras to pay once the price has been agreed.

Most of the larger companies give you the facility to track your goods using the hit and miss method of inputting a tracking number into their tracking system and hoping that your goods show up somewhere on their system. With us, we will, upon your request, give you the log on details for the vehicles tracking system thus allowing you to track the vehicle that your goods are on, live, 24/7. There is no more stress, no more not knowing, no more wondering “where is my parcel delivery” you will know to the inch not only where the vehicle is but also its speed, the road it is on and be able to work out roughly how long it will take for it to get to you. You will also be given, again on your request the telephone number for the vehicle allowing you to speak to the driver should you wish to do so.

While our service is not unique we do consider that out attention to detail, personal, professional and caring service puts us head and shoulders above the rest.

Why not call or email? We answer the phone 7 days a week and unless we are all on the road, which does happen, we answer your emails the same day. You will find our details on the “Contact Us” page.


Regions and Departments in France:

Nord-pas-de-Calais All  Departments

Haute-Normandie All Departments

Basse-Normandie All Departments

Bretagne (Brittany) All Departments

Pays-de-la-Loire All Departments

Centre All Departments

Poitou-Cherentes All Departments

Limousin All Departments

Auvergne All Departments

Aquitaine All Departments

Midi-Pyrenees All Departments

Languedoc-Roussillon All Departments


from Alicante south to Almeria and an area extending inland for approximately 100 miles. It may be possible to deliver to other areas of Spain. Please email your requirements.


From Porto South to Lisbon and eastwards to the Portuguese/Spanish border.  It may be possible to deliver to other areas of Portugal. Please email your requirements.

We also deliver to other areas of France, Spain and Portugal and indeed other countries within the EU by special arrangement.


© FM Transport 2010

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